Storage and Marine Terminal

The Umm Qasr Storage Terminal and Marine Terminal are located to the south of Basrah City.

The Storage Terminal lies some 7.5km inland and is connected by pipelines to the Khor Al Zubair gas processing plant. Other pipelines connect the Storage Terminal to the Marine Terminal on the coast.

The Storage Terminal consists of tanks to receive propane, butane and condensate, refrigeration units to cool the products, and refrigerated storage tanks.

The Marine Terminal has two main jetties where tankers dock, and a smaller service jetty for tugs and other small vessels. BGC is developing the service jetty into a new jetty for export/import of LPG to meet future requirements

The Umm Qasr Storage Terminal and Marine Terminal were built in the 1980s. The original intention was that Iraqi LPG and condensate would be stored at the Storage Terminal before being exported from the Marine Terminal to generate revenue.

However Iraq has not been generating a surplus of these products so the terminals were not fully commissioned and have never been used for exports. Instead, the Marine Terminal currently receives imports by ship of high octane gasoline and LPG to supplement Iraq’s own production and help meet domestic demand.

These products are sent by pipeline to the Storage Terminal, where they are blended with condensate and LPG received from the Khor Al Zubair gas processing plant.

The LPG is sent by pipeline for onwards distribution via the Iraqi LPG pipeline network to various bottling plants and road tanker filling stations.

Both the Storage Terminal and Marine Terminal are in need of rehabilitation, after years of sanctions and conflict. This work must be conducted whilst continuing to receive much-needed imports of LPG and gasoline.

 As BGC’s own production of LPG and condensate increases, domestic demand will gradually be satisfied, making exports of surplus products a viable option. This will generate revenue for the country.

As part of our rehabilitation work, BGC is re-purposing the existing service jetty at the Marine Terminal to make it a fully-functional third product jetty. This will enable rehabilitation work to take place on the two existing product jetties, enable earlier exports if local demand is met, and increase the operational flexibility of the Marine Terminal.

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4 Dec 2014