Press Releases

BGC celebrates the inauguration of Al-Shaheed Wajdi Primary School – another progressive step in supporting our local communities.

On the 1st of February 2023, BGC celebrated the inauguration of Al-Shaheed Wajdi Primary School in Khor al Zubair in Basrah. This is part of our social performance initiative to tackle encroachment and ensure the safety of school children. BGC has fully donated to build the school in a new safe location away from the hazards of the gas pipelines, Andrew Wiper, BGC MD as well along with local governmental representatives attended the ceremony.

On this occasion, Andrew Wiper BGC MD commented: “Today we proudly see the opening of the new Al Shaheed Wajdi Primary School, this project is a continuation of our social performance strategy to tackle encroachment issues in the local communities where we operate, last year we successfully completed the construction of Al Raha School as part of our SP initiative. Al Shaheed Wajdi School has been constructed in a safe location to safeguard the children from the pipelines’ hazard. Safety is our top priority at all levels of the Company, not only amongst our staff and contractors but also at the communities’ level. This project was fully donated by BGC and am proud to say that we play a positive role in making a difference to the lives of these students.”

Undoubtedly, this project would not have been a success without the close collaboration and joint efforts of the community, local governmental authorities in Basra, the Ministry of Education, Al Zubair Municipality, and the contractor Al Yamama. Once again, BGC has proved to be a true example to committing to international safety and social performance standards. Our legacy continues to be a good neighbor to our communities where are operations are and provide support where feasible. Today, Al Shaheed Wajdi School is ready to open its doors to 350 students to complete their academic year in a safe and improved educational environment.

Mr. Abbas Maher -Mayor of Al Zubair District also said: “The local government of Al Zubair District is very appreciative of BGC’s work by focusing in safeguarding the lives of the children and school staff of this district and to keep them at harm’s bay. We thank BGC for its commitment and look forward to the continued cooperation to further support the communities in Al Zubair district.”

Part of BGC’s encroachment work is conducting comprehensive assessment of pipeline routes over the past years, the outcome and findings revealed that some schools have been built near the pipelines without the knowledge of the possible dangers. BGC took the necessary action and provided high-specification temporary schools to accommodate the students and keep them away from danger until they the permanent schools were built.

Al Shaheed Wajdi School has been built on high standards with all the needed facilities with fully equipped classrooms with desks, black board, AC units, new toilettes, and a football pitch. The school can accommodate approximately 350 students who live in surrounding areas.