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Basrah Gas Company in cooperation with OPITO and the University of Basra launches establishment of an advanced training center.

OPITO & Basrah University.

On the 14th of June 2022, BGC launched its project to establish and rehabilitate an advanced training center in cooperation with OPITO and the University of Basra, with the aim of developing Iraqi capabilities and enhancing local competencies and capabilities in the oil industry and other fields. Through this project, BGC seeks to consolidate its partnership with the University of Basra and make it the first center in Iraq authorized to grant the certificate accredited by OPITO, through the development of the infrastructure of the training and development facilities at the university.

The project launch ceremony was attended by representatives from the University of Basra and OPITO, and BGC. Malcolm Mays, BGC MD commented on this occasion: “It is a pleasure to witness the launch of this distinctive project, which comes as a confirmation of BGC in supporting surrounding communities. This project is one of the most important projects that come within the framework of the cooperation mechanism agreement with the University of Basra, through which we seek to support the educational and training journey in the city.”

For his part, Professor Dr. Ramzi Salem Ali, Dean of the College of Engineering, expressed his happiness at the launch of this project, saying: “Today we witness the launch one of the projects launched by BGC in cooperation with Basra University under the joint framework agreement signed between the two parties. This project will position the University of Basra as the only institution in Iraq authorized to grant the certificate accredited by OPITO, which is an achievement that calls for pride and is an important feature of our partnership.”

It is worth mentioning that BGC launched a number of initiatives under the signed framework, including honoring top students, providing computers for the laboratory for the College of Administration and Economics, as well as directly recruiting top graduates into BGC’s workforce.