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A New Revenue Stream For Iraq, As Excess Condensate Exports Commence

From the start of our operations to the end of 2014, some 35 per cent by value of all the contracts we awarded were to Iraqi-registered companies.

In addition well over half of the one-time purchase orders we issued were to Iraqi-registered companies.

To support local companies who wish to undertake work for BGC, we provide programmes to raise awareness of our contracting policies, standards and expectations. We help local companies explore areas of synergy or potential partnerships with foreign and Iraqi companies to develop their capacity in work areas of interest for BGC.

When needed, we provide potential Iraqi suppliers and contractors with training and coaching to fill any gaps in their capabilities, such as in the standards BGC expects in health, safety and the environment. Ultimately this can help local companies also find work with other oil and gas companies in Iraq too, to the benefit of the whole industry and the broader economy.