People development

BGC is committed to investing in Iraq’s human energy offering a world class development programme

that gives people the opportunity to achieve internationally recognised standards.

BGC employs a workforce of 5,500 including over 5,000 Iraqis. They range from those with highly valuable experience developed over many years of work in difficult conditions on what are now BGC assets, to those at the start of their careers. We also have several hundred seconded international staff, with significant global experience, who have come to Iraq from some 30 countries.

A large-scale training programme is underway from improving language skills to mastering the latest international technology. We are currently delivering around 4,000 man days of training per month in a programme that is still accelerating. In 2014, BGC delivered 44,000 man days of training, over double the target our shareholders had set as a target to achieve at the beginning of that year.

Expectations for personal & professional development amongst our staff are understandably high and will take time to meet. But we are determined to provide our staff opportunities to develop themselves in line with their individual development plans and as per the BGC skill requirements to support our business plans.

In order to encourage a culture of high performance we have established a Performance Management System, which gives staff visibility and ownership of their own performance and development.

We have also set up an online learning management system that gives BGC managers and their teams an effective and efficient way of managing professional development. This system provides access to over 260 different training courses provided by the company.

In May 2013 we opened the BGC training centre. This purpose-built facility houses our Learning and Development team and eight training suites, with a combined capacity of 160 trainees at any one time.

BGC training is delivered on the job, online, in dedicated programmes at our training centre, and at international locations where this is essential.

Our first priority has been improving the safety culture at BGC. The only acceptable safety goal is zero incidents, with everyone going home to their families safely every day. This has been a key training focus for all staff.

For everyone with line management responsibilities – about 1,000 people - we are also providing extra courses to enable them to act as trainers in safety themselves to help inculcate safety as a value throughout our workforce.

Training in anti-bribery and corruption, our code of conduct, and mutual respect is also compulsory and is being steadily rolled out to all staff.

But, in addition, our training portfolio covers a wide range of subjects as diverse as MS Office to Front Line Safety Leadership; to H2S and other safety critical training.

We are also thinking about future generations of Iraqi leaders at BGC. For fresh graduates, we are also planning on launching a world-class graduate development programme to provide talented Iraqis with accelerated career development opportunities.

As part of our overall employee value proposition, BGC staff have access to short international assignments within Shell operations which will allow them to broaden their knowledge, skills, and experience levels.

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4 Dec 2014