Our Growth Project – BNGL

The Basrah Natural Gas Liquification Plant (BNGL) is one of BGC’s key growth projects and will play a pivotal role in increasing BGC’s gas processing capacity.

In May 2023, BGC proudly inaugurated BNGL- Train 1 in Aratwi, in alignment with the Ministry of Oil’s vision to process additional volumes of gas and be part of a broader expansion plan to reduce gas flaring in southern Iraq.

BNGL consists of two gas processing units (trains) with a capacity to process 200mmscf/d each. This will add a total of 400mmscf/d of processing capacity to BGC’s production capacity. Once BNGL is fully onstream, it will increase BGC’s gas processing capacity from 1bcf/d to 1.4bcf/d (1400 mmscf/d). When the plant is operational it will increase BGC’s ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 10 million tons per annum.

BNGL is a major gas project that consists of 15,000 tons of installations, fabricated in different parts of the world to be installed and operated in Iraq.

The two BNGL trains are designed to run on electricity – they will need around 70MW of electricity to operate. The additional gas production from the two trains of BNGL plant will help the country produce more electricity and reduce its gas import from overseas.

In addition, BNGL will be maximizing local content through management of its subcontracting processes. The use of local contractors benefits the project and the local economy. Through this flagship project, BNGL provided thousands of job opportunities to Iraqis during the construction phase.

BGC is an Iraqi company established to meet an Iraqi challenge, BGC’s strategic plan is aligned with the ambition of the Government of Iraq, to capture larger volumes of associated gas and reduce gas flaring while diversifying revenue streams. Our intent is to grow BGC to become the safest, most reliable and highly performing Iraqi gas company, recognized for delivering the country’s vision turning its gas resources into the catalyst of social stability and development.

Since BGC’s commencement of operations in 2013, BGC managed to ramp up production from 250 mmscf/d to 950mmscf/d – that’s more than 3 times gas produced and enough to provide approximately 3.5 GW of electricity for millions of homes in Iraq.

BGC is not just a gas company, we are also a people’s company, we focus on the development of human capital, our workforce consists of more than 5000- whereby 96% are local Iraqis and the remaining are expats.

We do our best to support the local communities where we operate, to be a good neighbor through sustainable social investment initiatives and implement social performance strategy according to international standards- managing our business responsibly and in a safe manner.

One of our key differentiators is reducing green gashouse emission and minimizing negative environmental impacts. BGC is regarded as one of the largest gas flaring-reduction projects in the world. From 2013 to date, BGC prevented more than 160 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

BGC will continue to play a pivotal role in supporting Iraq’s economy and turning wasted natural resources into much needed energy for the country.