Compressor Stations

BGC has 24 compressor stations distributed at intervals along our pipeline network in various locations from Khor al Zubair to Rumaila. Their purpose is to compress the natural gas, thereby providing an increase in pressure for the natural gas to continue flowing towards the BGC processing plants. BGC is in the process of installing new compressor stations whilst rehabilitating existing ones to increase gas flow in the future and support Iraq’s energy needs.

BGC’s existing compressor stations were built decades ago. Sanctions and conflict since construction made it challenging to maintain them. When BGC assumed responsibility in 2013, only some of the existing compressor stations were operating, most only partially. Others were not operational and in need of repair. Nonetheless some have been running with minimum maintenance, to keep vital natural gas flowing to generate much needed power in Basrah. The Production & Maintenance team continue repairing and rehabilitating our compressor stations, whilst keeping them operational to maintain production.

Hammar Mishrif Compressor Station (HM CS)

Hammar Mishrif Compressor Station (HM CS)

HM CS is one of 24 compression stations in BGC and one of the first stations to be upgraded since BGC’s inception. HM CS originally consisted of four compressors with a capacity of 35mmscf/d.

Two additional compressors with a capacity of 32mmscf/d have been added.

New Compression Station 5 (NCS-5)

NCS5 Compressor Station

NCS5 was added in February 2021, composed of 4 reciprocal compressors adding 60mmscf/d of gas compression capacity. The construction of the new compressor initially started in 2018 and was suspended in April 2020 with the backdrop of COVID-19 impacts and travel restrictions. Work resumed again in October 2020, the project teams consisted of BGC Iraqi staff, expats, and contractors, who worked effortlessly together to successfully meet the deadline showcasing true commitment and dedication to reach commissioning.

BGC is an Iraqi company established to meet an Iraqi challenge, BGC’s strategic plan is aligned with the ambition of the Government of Iraq, to capture larger volumes of associated gas and reduce gas flaring while diversifying revenue streams. Our intent is to grow BGC to become the safest, most reliable and highly performing Iraqi gas company, recognized for delivering the country’s vision turning its gas resources into the catalyst of social stability and development.

Currently BGC is capturing more than 60% of associated gas produced by three giant oil fields: Rumaila, West Qurna 1 and Zubair. Since BGC’s commencement of operations in 2013, we accomplished significant achievements, BGC managed to ramp up production from 250 mmscf/d to 900mmscf/d – that’s more than 3 times gas produced and enough to provide approximately 3.5 GW of electricity for millions of homes in Iraq.

In June 2022, BGC successfully exported the first ever semi-refrigerated LPG shipment from the BGC Umm Qasr jetty. This was a historical achievement in BGC’s and Iraq’s oil and gas history, a milestone to be proud of. BGC has been working relentlessly to meet its strategic plan, by upgrading Umm Qasr Marine Terminal and installing the necessary chiller units, to bring this project into fruition.

BGC is not just a gas company, we are also a people’s company, we focus on the development of human capital, our workforce consists of 5000- 96% are local Iraqis and the remaining are expats. Over the years we continued to actively develop our local staff to become highly qualified candidates by enhancing their skill sets. In parallel, we do our best to support our local communities where we operate, to be a good neighbor through sustainable social investment initiatives and our social performance strategy – managing our business responsibly and in a safe manner.

One of our key differentiators is reducing green gashouse emission and minimizing negative environmental impacts. BGC is regarded as one of the largest gas flaring-reduction projects in the world. From 2013 to date, BGC prevented more than 160 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.
BGC will continue to play a pivotal role in supporting Iraq’s economy and turning wasted natural resources into much needed energy for the country and its people.