End of December 2017 Basrah Gas Company (BGC) reached unprecedented gas processing volumes of 900 mmscf/d of associated gas - the highest records in Iraq's oil and gas history.


The Basrah Gas Company (BGC) met its set annual production target of 900 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d) late December 2017 – reaching an unprecedented increase in the production of associated raw gas from the three fields in the south of Iraq (West Qurna 1, Zubair and Rumaila).

Basrah Gas Company Managing Director, Mr. Simon Daman Willems commented on this progressive event: “I am very proud that we have fulfilled on our promise to the Government of Iraq and our shareholders – we closed out 2017 with a significant milestone by achieving exceptional volumes of gas reaching over 900 mmscf/d of raw gas - the highest records in Iraq's oil and gas history. Regardless of several set-backs and challenges, we reached this achievement safely and within timelines. We saw clear focus and dedication from our frontline employees who continuously chased the gas while reducing downtime and ensured our compressions were repaired and operable”. Mr. Simon continued, “BGC has yet again shown its professionalism and commitment to the Government of Iraq to develop and turn the country’s resources into much needed energy - powering approximately 8.3 million Iraqi homes.”

His Excellency Jabbar al-Luaibi, Minister of Oil, also added during his attendance in BGC’s celebration:  "We have achieved great increase in the investment of associated gas in the Basrah Gas project early January 2018, compared to the same month last year. The investment capacity of this project reached an average of 900 mmscf/d. This great achievement will enhance Iraq’s capabilities in various fronts - exports of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and Condensate, enhancing sustainable development and providing the needed confidence for potential investors in petrochemical projects. We also thank the support extended by the His Excellency Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi and the efforts of oil workers who relentlessly continued to optimize on this investment and increase production”.

Huge efforts were implemented to realise this target with great focus on completion of new gas gathering facilities in West Qurna, Rumailah and Zubair fields and debottlenecking existing installations.

In addition, BGC also inaugurated Al Shammiyah Compression located in South Rumailah. This compression station is the latest addition in Basrah Gas Company portfolio of assets, adding a further 60mmscfd compression capacity. BGC continues to progress its ambitious development plan for 2018 and beyond, with the objective to capture all gas flared from Rumailah, Subayr and West Qurna 1 southern Iraq oil fields.

About Basrah Gas Company (BGC)

BGC was established in May 2013, a 25-year incorporated Joint Venture between state-owned South Gas Company holding 51% of its shares, Shell 44% and Mitsubishi Corporation 5% with more than 5500 Iraqi employees.  BGC is one of the largest gas production companies in Iraq, producing enough gas to generate electricity for millions of Iraqi families and largest gas-flaring reduction projects. BGC is the cornerstone of Iraq’s integrated energy strategy providing 70% of the province’s electricity, and 60% of Iraq’s total Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Condensate (LPG) demand in the South. BGC is delivering present and future to capture and process all the gas from Licensing Round 1 fields (Rumailah, West Qurna 1, and Zubair), and turn it into further benefits for the people of Iraq. To date BGC successfully completed 80 shipments adding significant economic value to Iraq.



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4 Dec 2014