OCTOBER 20, 2016

Basrah Gas (BGC), in partnership with the Provincial Council, has celebrated the completion of its vocational training for employment programme at a graduation ceremony for trainees.

The training for employment programme is Basrah Gas’ commitment to support the Basrawi community for job seekers amongst youth .

Collaborating with the Provincial Council and working with accredited training institutions, Basrah Academy for Training and the Technical College, Basrah Gas set up a programme for more than 100 community members to help improve their technical skills and develop their prospects for employment through training across one of 4 key areas – welding, electrical works, plumbing or heating, air-conditioning and ventilation.

Mr. Ali Chaddad, Head of the Oil and Gas Committee, stated: “This programme is one of the most important initiatives underway in the Province, as it focuses on equipping our youth with skills to improve their chances to find jobs.  I congratulate the trainees in using this opportunity as a stepping stone to building a better future for themselves, their families and Basrah.”

Speaking about the programme, Basrah Gas Managing Director, Mr. Simon Daman Willems, added: “This is a very important step in Basrah Gas’ goal to have a positive impact in Basrah. As an Iraqi company, BGC is proud to be able to support our communities, especially the youth, in any activity we can.  As a unique private-public company in Iraq, we understand entrepreneurship and the critical role that development and investments in the private sector can play in enhancing job creation.”

Through the vision of the Iraqi Government, Basrah Gas was created in 2013. BGC is a unique mid-stream joint venture. South Gas Company is the majority shareholder with 51%, Shell 44% and Mitsubishi 5%. The company has over 5,500 employees, 5100 of which are Iraqi’s, many of whom have years of experience working on BGC’s assets.


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