Basrah Gas (BGC), in close partnership with the Provincial Council, has launched its community training for employment programme.
The training programme is part of BGC’s commitment to support social enhancement for employment development in Basrah. Collaborating with the Provincial Council and working with accredited training institutions, Basrah Academy for Training and Technical University of Basrah, BGC has prioritized 120 unskilled labourers to improve their technical skills and develop their prospects for employment in a month-long programme.
The trainees will be divided into several modules best suitable to their abilities and interest, such as welding, grinding, electrical works, mechanical and construction. The orientation session has split the members into their desired courses and the first class will begin the following week.

Mr. Ali Chaddad, head of the Oil and Gas Committee, stated in the orientation:
“This programme, as part of BGC’s Social Performance is very important, because it is our responsibility to always remember investing in our Human Resources before the Natural. This training is considered one of the most important initiatives to equip our Youth with new skills and help improve their resume and chances to find jobs.”
Speaking about the programme, BGC Managing Director, Mr. Simon Daman Willems, said:
“This is a very important step for BGC to have a positive impact in Basrah that goes beyond providing the much-needed energy in the country. As an Iraqi company, BGC is proud in helping social development by improving the community members’ skills.”

Dr. Muthaffar Sadiq Al Zuhairi, head of the Technical University of Basrah, stated that “this initiative became possible thanks to the cooperation between Basrah Gas, the Provincial Council and the Technical University of Basrah to serve the community members and help them find employment in different sectors as the market conditions allow.”
Through the vision of the Iraqi Government, Basrah Gas was created in 2013. BGC is a unique public/private mid-stream joint venture. South Gas Company is the majority shareholder with 51%, Shell 44% and Mitsubishi 5%. The company has over 5,500 employees, 5100 of which are Iraqi’s, many of whom have years of experience working on BGC’s assets.

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4 Dec 2014