An Iraqi Company

BGC is an Iraqi company established by the Iraqi Government to meet an Iraqi challenge.

That challenge is to turn Basrah Province’s abundant endowment of natural gas into a blessing for the current and future generations.

There is enough natural gas in Basrah Province to supply the whole of southern Iraq and more. It can be the fuel that provides the country with the secure and reliable power that is a fundamental need of any modern society - for lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration in homes, and the power businesses need to grow and create jobs.

In addition, gas-fired power can help ensure energy security for the entire country, and replace the expensive liquid fuel that is burned in power stations today to be sold to raise additional funds.

Basrah Province already produces enough gas to create electricity for more than eleven million homes. Much of this is produced with oil but unfortunately most of this gas is wasted. It is currently flared rather than captured.

Through the vision of the Iraqi Government, BGC was created in May 2013 to meet this challenge.

BGC is a public/private joint venture, unique in Iraq.

Our majority shareholder is South Gas Company. Our other shareholders are Shell and Mitsubishi.

South Gas Company is an Iraqi state-owned company. It previously owned and operated the natural gas infrastructure in Basrah Province. Almost all of this infrastructure was transferred into BGC at our inception.

We have a workforce of over 5,500 people, the vast majority Iraqis. Many of our staff had years of experience working at South Gas Company on what are now BGC’s assets, before transferring to BGC. This includes about two-thirds of our Management Team.

BGC’s headquarters are in Khor Al Zubair and we have assets throughout Basrah Province.

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4 Dec 2014