Transforming wasted gas into energy for Iraq

Powering Progress in Iraq

One of the world’s largest gas flaring reduction projects

BGC is an Iraqi midstream natural gas company, formed in 2013 by the Government of Iraq with three key shareholders: South Gas Company (SGC) holding 51%, Shell 44% and Mitsubishi 5%.

With safety at the core of everything we do, our operations are at the heart of the natural gas value chain, a vital resource in the energy transition. BGC gathers and treats associated gas from three licensing one oilfields: Rumaila, West Qurna 1 and Zubair. By partnering with the operators of each of these fields send the untreated natural gas from their wells to BGC. 

x3 times

Increased gas processing capacity more than x 3 times since BGC’s inception in 2013


Ramped up gas processing capacity from 250mmscf/d to 900mmscf/d

3.4 GW

Generated 3.4 GW of electricity to power more than 3 million homes in Iraq

130 million tons

prevented 110 million tons of flared CO2e emissions from entering the atmosphere – from 2013 to 2021 = removing 3 Mill cars off the road

354 shipments

Turned Iraq from a net importer of LPG to a net exporter in 2016. 354 shipments in total from 2016 to 2021


Provides 80% of Iraq’s LPG demand

$2.5 billion

Injected more than $2.5 billion into the Iraqi economy through salaries, contracts, and suppliers- since inception in 2013

+1000 job

In 2021 BGC created more than +1000 job opportunities for Iraqis through a number of projects
n 2021

5051 secondees

BGC has 5156 secondees- 96% -Iraqis & rest are Shell expat staff. Integration is an integral pillar of BGC’s strategy