The Basrah Gas Company is committed to reducing all environmental risks to as low as reasonably possible levels. BGC shall also comply with the applicable Iraqi environmental laws and regulations



Reducing flaring in Iraq

BGC’s purpose is to turn a resource which is currently wasted, natural gas, into a fuel for Iraq’s social and economic development. Today about 70 per cent of all natural gas produced in Iraq is flared, rather than captured and used.

As well as being a waste of Iraq’s natural resources, flaring is a heavy environmental burden. It contributes to greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. Iraq’s flaring generates around 20 million tonnes per year of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of 90,000 flights from Basrah to Hong Kong or the use of 3.5 million cars.

By rehabilitating and developing Iraq’s natural gas infrastructure, BGC will make a significant contribution to reducing flaring in Iraq. Our work is part of the largest flares out project in the world.

Since the Company's inception in 2013 to date, BGC greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions from the licensing-1 oil production, preventing 70 million tonnes of CO2e from entering the atmosphere, while turning previously wasted flared gas to much needed power generation for million homes in Iraq. This 70 million tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to the CO2e emissions from 17 coal-fired power stations operating for one year.

Managing our impact on the environment

Rehabilitating Iraq’s dilapidated 30 year-old natural gas infrastructure will enable facilities such as gas processing plants to run more efficiently reducing the impact on the environment of the processing of each molecule of gas. 

BGC is incorporating controls to reduce waste generation into procedures and working practices. We are identifying opportunities to reuse waste for the same or alternative applications, including in other industries, or return unused materials to suppliers. We are also working to identify recycling and recovery opportunities for waste material. 

Our aim is to eliminate all spills and leaks from our operations. We are working hard to assess the integrity of our pipeline network, which has been inadequately maintained over several decades due to sanctions and conflict. Nonetheless it must continue to operate due to the pressing need for natural gas for power generation for the local community. We are developing our capabilities to manage any incidents in line with national and international legislation.

BGC is also committed to minimising negative impacts to biodiversity and ecosystems through our operations. This includes carefully studying potential impacts and putting in place appropriate mitigation.

BGC is also systematically updating environmental approvals and permits to cover all news and existing facilities. Impacts assessments approved by the Ministry of Health and Environment under the Republic of Iraq's Law No. 27 of 2009 'Environmental Protection and Improvement' can be found here.

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